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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

sure or not

Assalamualaikum ! Today , what happen to me . I've to be strong and face this all . Mcm mana bole tetiba comment with him pulak . I'm happy sangat rasa mcm dulu kala jea . kan best we back to normal . syiokk gitu . HAHA .Aiwen tao yg dia tak harap apa-2 from aiwen . Aiwen nie jea lebih-2 kan . If semua buat you terganggu n tak suka kan , I'm so sorry , aiwen takda niat nak gngu dia . masa comment dgn dia tu kan aiwen nak sgt tnya dia something , so I did ( AYAT LEBIH KURANG MCM NIE LAH ) AIWEN : You sayang I lagi ? HIM :Spew x syg tpi for now...let's take some time for us a part... I really syg..but I'm not prepare.. There are why I'm doing this.. I'm the one is the problem.. I need time..I don't know when.. Don't wait on me if you have found someone better than me one day..don't lie.. ayat dia , seriously bt aiwen harap lagi kat dia . aiwen akn tggu dia setakat aiwen mampu . I knoe one day hati you akn terbuka jugak utk aiwen . hope sangat-2 dear .
oh , tidak ! the elmo . If I still with you kan , sure dah dpt elmo tu kan . hmm , bukan rezeki aiwen . apa bole bt kan . dulu mmg harap sgt you akn bg elmo tu , mybee aiwen should harap org lain yg bg elmo tu kan . sure or not ? perlu ke aiwen ttup pintu hati ini and waiting you ? setakat nie aiwen try sayang org lain mcm mana aiwen sayang you . tak bole jgak . I need time to love other guy mybee I cant to this .

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