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Friday, April 20, 2012

a month ! :P

Assalamualaikum ! Alhamdulillah i can face all without you . It very difficult to forget you and I make the decision not to think bout you . Sometime I miss you too but I just tak layan perasaan I . what to do if jd mcm tu ? I tgk pixca you then busy my day with watchin tv . HAHA simple rite . I text him , I knoe he wont reply my text . hmm , 5 mins later I heard beep ! someone text me ? I tak sangka its you . mood : happy seketika ! thankyou . I hope you'll be mine soon , apa yg I mepek nie kan ? wake up? sedar diri ! orang dah taknak buat apa nak kejar lagi kan . let start new life , chaiyuk-2!

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