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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

elmo and cookie monster

Assalamualaikum ! tadi petang dpt call from my aunty . that day you beli elmo ke cookie monster ? I bought both lah aunty but it just smaller one . okay then I'll buy the big one for you . hah really , are sure or not ? later mai singgah rumah i okay . baik . nanti I pi rumah you . tgk-2 i dpt cookie monster .
sekarang , my litte elmo and cookie monster dpt kawan baru :
but I need one more elmo . if I stay with him sure I got the elmo rite . Its okay . just wait mybee someone else gonna give me the big elmo rite . sabar je lahh . today 24 APRIL , smpai jugak AIWEN di Sunway Carnival . sekian lama tidak jejak kaki di sana .
then p naik ats , grr aiwen saw YES ? WHAT ? Kenangan dgn dia , i cant forget it . the sign of yes tu lah jwpn aiwen bt dia dulu . hmm ,

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