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Sunday, April 22, 2012


Assalamualaikum ! wahai kawan-2 , thanks for ur advice . without hangpa taktao lah what gonna happen to aiwen .I'm happy hangpa always ada dgn aiwen tak kira susah dan senang . friends forever ! :P the latest advice from GUMIHO yg aiwen tak bole nak lupakan . sungguh tinggi harapan tu . he said to me ' , u still syg kn dy lg kn ... so why not just be friends , mne taw someday u and him will make up again someday . ' bole ke kita bsama , persoalan nya ? sabar , we'll never knoe what gonna happen afterward rite . aiwen just need more extra doa . only this way aiwen can do rite now . you , do you still LOVE me ?

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