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Wednesday, January 18, 2012


assalamualaikum ! hai ! hai ! :) happy sangat ! what a day . i know u nak thu sgt kan apa jwpn dia rite . kan i dah gthu . bila u blik i will let u the answer rite . so u dah ada kat sni . i will tell the answer either yes or no kan . and i choose yes ! i accept u . huhu . so difficult for i to make a suprise for you . nasib baik i saw that blue word . haha thanks celcom . i guess so . the signboard YES . very meaningful to us . i told him to look at the signboard . that was my answer . he so excited and looks happy same goes to me . i hope we kekal smpai bila2 . and i want u accept the way am i. hee . sayang u so muchh . no one can take you from me .

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