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Thursday, April 28, 2011

today is my bufday ! .

dun no what to said lah . im so happy lah on 27 APRIL .celebrate my bufday at PIZZA HUT jusco with irsa , teah , farah and kak athif je . membe2 yg lain ta join cuz ad hal . tkpe .i dun mind .

smpai2 je jusco , 1st thing kta org done : wash room ! here we come !

- me , farah and irsa -

irsa always make me laugh . suka suka ! kdg2 laugh smpai ta leh nak cover .

nie lah dia , irsa ! dah tk ley cover laugh dia . tu dia , laugh smpai tk ingt org lain pun ad jugak at pizza tuh .

here i , irsa and teah pulak . farah be photographer ! nice poss !

lama gila tk date dgn teah ! huh ! rindu kamu sesgt lah ! nsib my bday kau join ! so happy lahh . thanks yaww ~

who is she ? for the first time , hang out with this cute girl . she is SIS ATHIF a.k.a my senior lah beb . !

mana lah pizza nie ? irsa dh lpar nie ! ehehe

bestie friend forever since primary school lg ..

lagi lagi irsa duk cover laugh . smpai her mom call pun tak sdar .!

tgk tuh , tk pdn duk laugh2 irsa kaco kak athif pulak dahh .

teah ! she mkn 2 chicken wing ! skrg nie dia dh kuat mkn lol ,

asam boi 1 abg ! farah nak try !

bufday girl ? its me . kekeke

big apple ! beli tuk mkn at pizza . btw we all suda kenyang . then , depa suh i bwa blik je .pe lg 6pcs for 1 person ? hehehe

round2 lah after mkn . time nie stop cuz irsa nak btulkan tali ksut die ,

eh , gdis2 comel2 ! so sweet !

hehehe . bt comel pulak girl nie ?isk2 . sapa lah nie ann

e ! cm gedik je dia nie ann .hahaha

DOMO kun ! ADEEP suka ! i ask him to buy bag domo for me

membe skula turut wishing at me ! thanks ! SYG KOWG semua .

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