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Monday, April 25, 2011

I'm talkative

hey hey ! talk all the time is my hobby ? is it true ? unbelieveable rite ? kekeke .im just the way i am .sometime my friend , fatin a.k.a ciknek always said that : bising lah ! hehehe . but i just ignore her . sorry dear , i can't control myself lol .

just now , while waiting my sis a.k.a kak hin pick up me at the school i was chatting with my dy a.k.a anip .today topic is food ! huhu . talked bout nasi kandar , susu lembu , ikan bakar , laksa and others . im just suggest where the place should eat that delicious foods .. huhu .

btw , dy told me ' he really miss my a.k.a adila ' i can't imagine how he feel when she not around him . so pity lah you dy . you must be strong . she just go for awhile lahh . everything gonna be fine .

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