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Sunday, December 12, 2010


Fitri always said to me ' kalau ada jodoh tk kemana ' , ' nk tgk kowg cm dlu ' .. His word make me want back to thats guy ! ARGGGHHHH ! is it true ? sometimes i think i need him ..
but sometime tah la ...

Now , we starting text back ..! oh !what will happen next ? i also dun know ...
I dun want hope anything from him ..I think so ...why im saying thats coz he starting cl me as ADIK ! pergh ..shocked lo ....
And I know my relationship with him just brother and sister only ...So , fitri ...do you think he want me back ?
wait and see what will happen kay ! hope sgt ap fitri said come TRUE ..


  1. wahhhhh..nice story chubby gurl...agaagaga

  2. hehehe ..
    thanks la ....
    but boroy also in this story la

  3. wahhhhhhhh....not bad gak boroy da dlm cta nie....ngeeeee~~...