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Monday, November 15, 2010

helping day !!!

at 8 am going to maktok's house...
kak hin picked up madihah,irah and me to go there..
before thats we drop at office ummi..
take things for preparation raya haji..

at first ,had breakfast ..
then started do it work..
helping maktok cooking ..
'kupas bawang' ??
what ??
love it..
actually hate that..
what cn do..
just saying hmmm...
mula2 stil cn tahan lg ...
when time kupas bawang kecil tuh,starting cry...
cry like watchin movie hindustan...
tuh ta blh blah tuh..

feveret mkanan : udang ..
very very love eat that ...
tmbh2 lg if bt msak udang goreng sj..
lg sdap...
kta kat makktok cm tuh..
tgk2 maktok asked me tuk take over her place..
kna ' persiang ' !!
loghat png kta cm tuh doh...
first time buat keje tuh..
suka suka ....

pe2 pun mmg the best la..

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