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Saturday, November 27, 2010

the end of the story

lepaking at same place but ramai yg join ..adeep bwk geng dya..
i bwk geng i ..
bro and membe dya ..
adeep told me thats this is last time i meet him ..
are u crazy ?
i cant believe it ..
how dare u ?

msa borak dgn u ,
suddenly bro cl..
then , how to said ..
my phone jatuh ..
agagaga ...
mau nangis la ..
but i cover la ..
time tuh rmai org la..
segan pulak ..
later , bro cmpai ..
time tuh lak raining ..
adeep and the geng chaw lu ..
maklum la candidate spm ,
mana blh kna hujan ..

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