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Thursday, July 8, 2010

story of 4kA1

sugar+lala already in open relationship..
they were shy in classroom...hehe
i think they were sweet couple..
hope them love each other..

bb dun like their relationship coz she interested at sugar..
she told 2 sugar thats she likes him..
sugar say:oh no!!thats not my taste...
bb never gif up..
she keepin trying 2 get sugar,,,but all my fwen will help thats couple from bb..

one had callin by 1 gal,,she very out of mind wif her gang,,
they came 2 my class 2 serang him...
ape lg bdak klas g tlg dya dya...coz dya ta brslah..gpown slah dak pompuan 2 gak..dya yg ltak gmbo ta spatoot nye...

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